Bullguard Internet Security 2019 Soft Box, 3 User (25 Pack), Windows Only, 1 Year

Bullguard Internet Security 2019 Soft Box, 3 User (25 Pack), Windows Only, 1 Year

Bullguard Internet Security 2019 Soft Box, 3 User (25 Pack), Windows Only, 1 Year

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Powerful online protection consistently ranked the best - now multiplatform
  • Protects your PCs, Macs and Android devices with one single license
  • Robust, layered protection against all forms of viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats
  • Potent firewall that protects you against network attacks and keeps out intruders 
  • Powerful Parental Control helps to protect kids from cyberbullying and predators

What's new in V19?

With greater protection, greater speed, and more control-2019 is our best edition yet!

Revamped Vulnerability Scanner
A redesigned interface enables users to spot security problems at a glance. Issues such as missing Windows security updates and poorly configured Autorun settings can be directly addressed from the interface.

Enhanced Behavioural Detection
BullGuard’s Sentry behavioral engine now receives continuous daily updates, improving accuracy and its ability to detect and block the very latest threats.

Cloud-based analysis reduces false positives
Provides continuous user protection without the need to download security updates.

Network Safety Check
A new alert warns users whenever they connect to an insecure network with no password protection or inadequate encryption.
Disable AutoRun for USB drives and other removable media
Ensures Malware will not run automatically when a USB drive or similar is connected

Total protection with no interruptions and faster game play – proven! 
Award-winning gaming rig builder ChillBlast tested the performance of Internet Security from BullGuard, Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, AVG and Windows. Not only did BullGuard come out on top, but our Game Booster made game play even faster than a system with no antivirus installed.

IMPROVED Performance
Smoother and faster with less CPU usage
Blocked 100% of real-world malware in recent tests run by AV-Comparatives.
Chalked up 100% detection of prevalent malware based on 5,565 samples run by AV-TEST.
Detection and Protection
Improved features give users more control, protection and performance. Giving peace of mind for the user.
Game Booster
Industry leader for fast and safe gaming – Game Booster optimizes CPU performance while blocking pop ups and other annoying interruptions. Noticeably smoother gaming without any lag.
Flexible Purchase and Resell Options
  • ESD for pre-install.
  • OEM for attach opportunities.
  • Retail boxes for standalone sale
Premium Protection
No one goes further than BullGuard to protect users’ computers, tablets, phones and their home’s connected devices from hackers, viruses, online fraud and identity theft. 
Internet Security
BullGuard Internet Security is consistently ranked the best protection against all types of malware including ransomware and newly released variants which are normally difficult to detect.
Our award-winning Antivirus includes Behavioural Detection and Signature-based Detection, providing a virtually impenetrable, multi-layered defence system for PCs.


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  • Licence Quantity: 25
  • Users: 3
  • Licence Length: 1 Year
  • Licence Pricing: OEM
  • #Hide#Physical Product: Yes
  • Media: Licence Key
  • Online Backup: -
  • Additional Features: See Overview
  • Package Weight: 2.0110 kg
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